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Maya Tech Ltd.


Maya Tech Ltd. is a Canadian company that provides import-export and distribution services. We are located very close to Toronto, the financial capital of Canada. We source coconut based activated carbon from manufacturers of global repute and distribute it in North America. Our product is extensively used in air and water treatment and in metal recovery. We source only superior quality products that have gone through very stringent quality checks.

Our focus is to build and sustain excellent customer relations. We believe firmly in fair dealing principles and practice them in day to day commerce. Through our dealings, we hope to gain strong partners for mutual growth. We provide our customers with cost effective rates and respond to their needs effectively in a timely manner.

Mission Statement:

We believe in creating win-win situations. It is our mission to provide our new and existing customers with superior quality of products and services. We are committed to continuously maximize our potential and serve our customers to the best of our ability.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 
Stephen R. Covey

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Cleaner Air

With a high adsorption rate, our Vapour Phase Activated Carbon is greatly suitable for air treatment, mercury removal, odor removal and gas purification.

Metal Recovery

Used widely in precious metal, especially gold recovery, our Activated Carbon is available in different mesh sizes and properties to meet our customers’ need.

Water Purification

Made from superior variety of coconut shells, our Activated Carbon is extensively used for a wide range of water purification purposes including filtration of potable water, treatment of waste water, odor removal etc.

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Maya Tech Ltd.
Unit #37, 1575 South Parade Court.
Mississauga, ON Canada.
L5M 6E9


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